One of the booths we were excited to see at the NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) art fair during Art Basel Week was by New York Collective The Still House Group. Interestingly enough when we arrived, all we found was a cryptic Xerox copy machine asking us to press the button. Upon following the directive, we received a photocopy of directions to the middle of South Beach where the group was holding a substantial group exhibition entitled Straight II DVD.

This very stimulating showcase brought together a selection of works from the collective’s artists including Isaac Brest, Phoebe Collings-James, Nick Darmstaedter, Joe Graham-Felsen, Jack Greer, Alex Ito, Brendan Lynch, Dylan Lynch, Jack McConville, Haley Mellin, Alex Perweiler, Zachary Susskind, Peter Sutherland, Augustus Thompson and Brad Troemel. Utilizing an office building format, artists took over individual rooms to showcase their diverse and creative talents. From paintings to sculptures and installations to performance art, this great four day exhibition really showed off the talents of the New York based collective.