Aside from lots of amazing murals and a huge list of side events, workshops, shows, parties, etc, POW! WOW! Hawaii is an opportunity for some unusual collaborations between participating artists. One of these is this intriguing mural created by Glenn Barr and Brendan Monroe. Since neither of the two artists usually work in such large scale, or in the public space, this opportunity was both a big challenge and a great experience.

For this image, the artists decided to try and juxtapose their styles – since Barr went with his more abstract imagery, Monroe decided to go with his figurative work. The result is a piece showing a character looking like it is getting sucked into vintage futuristic TVs, with both styles literally blending into one coherent image wrapped around a corner of a building in the Kaka’ako area of Honolulu. Aside from creating this mural, both artists released limited edition prints with 1xRun as part of their special POW! WOW! 2104 Featured Artists Series.

Photos credit: saL.
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