Rex Romae, a brand new urban contemporary art gallery project in London, is kicking off with an exclusive, week long pop-up show. Linea will be a joint exhibition featuring new works by Alexis Diaz and Franco Fassoli (aka Jaz).

Jaz is an Argentinian artist whose street work can be found all over the world. Consisting of figurative imagery created with different mediums such as tar, petrol, or lime, the rough feeling murals are inspired by elements of his home country’s culture. For this new body of work, Jaz combines football hooliganism with “lucha libre” wrestling. In this way, he is simplifying this phenomenon to its bare primal structure, showing the ridiculousness of it.

Alexis Diaz is a Puerto Rican artist and muralist whose illustrative public works are getting praised by both fellow artists and art lovers. His meticulous line work, more suitable for a fine art piece than large street works, has become his recognizable signature touch. Diaz mostly creates surrealistic images in which different animals or creatures are morphing into each other, often including elements of the human body. The gallery will also be releasing a limited edition screen print for this show, so make sure you get in touch with them in time if you’re interested.

The show is opening on the 6th of March 2014 at 132 Commercial Street, E1 6NG, London and will be on view until 12th of March, so make sure you set your schedule if you’re planning on visiting this exclusive art event.

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