Chicago-based artist Alex Lukas recently released a new self-published art book in the form of SAIII, JS, JT. The 56-page book contains a selection of different print mediums including color and B&W photocopy with risograph pages, with a number of fold-out spreads.

SAIII, JS, JT is the fifth book in his ongoing series of publications titled by random and hard to pronounce found graffiti slogans. Previous titles have been VIID, DMM, RTMA, ANFX. They all incorporate a wide variety of printing techniques and contain drawings, photographs, installation views and a lot of material created specifically for each book.

The new zine is available here in an edition of just 50 for $18. We just got our copy in the mail today, and it’s every bit as engaging as the previous books in the series. Take a look at some page spreads courtesy of the artist below.

Re-cap on some of Alex’s art making practices with our recent interview with Alex where he talks about his zines and printmaking techniques amongst other things and his recent exhibition at Breeze Block Gallery, in which this book features some installation images.

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