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Publications: Alex Lukas – “SAIII, JS, JT” Zine

Chicago-based artist Alex Lukas recently released a new self-published art book in the form of SAIII, JS, JT. The 56-page book contains a selection of different print mediums including color and B&W photocopy with risograph pages, with a number of fold-out spreads. SAIII, JS, JT is the fifth book in his ongoing series of publications titled by random and hard to pronounce found graffiti slogans. Previous titles have been VIID, DMM, RTMA, ANFX. They all incorporate a wide variety of printing techniques and contain drawings, photographs, installation […]

Interviews: Sage Vaughn – ‘Nobody’s Home’ @ Lazarides

LA based Sage Vaughn makes a welcome return to the UK for his new solo exhibition Nobody’s Home this week at Lazarides Gallery. His ability to present beauty and brutality, cleverly intertwined within the same image, has always resonated with us. A couple of weeks ago, Sage interviewed Bill McRight for AM in anticipation of his solo exhibition Willing to Lose at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland. This time around Bill has repaid the favour and turned the questions on Sage. Read on as the pair […]

Interviews: Bill McRight – “Willing To Lose” @ Breeze Block Gallery

This Friday night, January 9th, the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland will be opening a solo show by Bill McRight along with Alex Lukas (whom we interviewed here). Entitled Willing To Lose, the exhibition will feature McRight’s signature homemade shanks, engraved stainless steel camping mirrors, drawings as well as some surprises. He talks about this and a lot more in an interview conducted for us by his good friend Sage Vaughn. Take a look at the questions and answers below… Sage Vaughn (SV): Did you go to art school? […]

Studio Visit / Interview: Christopher Derek Bruno

Ever since he came back from his summer travels around Europe, where he was collaborating with other artists and collectives, American artist Christopher Derek Bruno has been back in his studio working on a new body of work for the upcoming three man show, Three The Hard Way, with Augustine Kofie and Jerry ‘Joker’ Inscoe at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland, Oregon opening on November 7th. Bruno, who made his mark by creating works that mix art and craftsmanship, design and optical illusions, kindly let us have a […]

Interview / Previews: Mike Egan – ‘We Bleed Black Blood When We Die Dark Deaths’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

Pittsburgh based artist Mike Egan has a unique voice and visual vocabulary. With imagery steeped in blood, containing devils, skeletons, death and murder, his paintings tell the stories of those who have passed, those left behind after one’s passing, the mourners, the lovers, the hurt and the relieved.He has a solo exhibition We Bleed Black Blood When We Die Dark Deaths opening on October 3rd at Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery. AM caught up with him for a glimpse into his studio and an interview. Arrested […]

Openings: Chris Valkov – ‘Schematical Sabbatical’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

Chris Valkov just opened his solo exhibition Schematical Sabbatical in Breeze Block Gallery’s gallery 2 space. We were excited to see the work on the walls after getting a preview on our recent studio visit and Chris’ debut showing certainly didn’t disappoint. Drawing references from his endeavours as an architectural draughtsman, Valkov’s exhibition materials presented a highly graphical series of paintings using a cohesive colour palette throughout. The striking paintings were split into groupings linked by their subject matter. His American house group of mock-blueprints […]

Studio Visits: Chris Valkov

Earlier this year, AM got to visit Chris Valkov in his studio as he prepared for his upcoming solo exhibition entitled Schematical Sabbatical. The Portland based artist uses a highly stylised aesthetic in his work, using a variety of mediums all derived from his background as an architectural draughtsman.  On initial inspection, his fluid line-work looks so tight that it could be mistaken for digitally created screen prints. Valkov is strictly old school though in his methodologies and his precise work is painted with One […]

Previews: Carl Cashman – ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes, All I See Is This’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

British artist Carl Cashman is opening his first solo show at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland, OR on the 1st of August. Titled Every Time I Close My Eyes, All I See Is This, the exhibition introduces all new pieces by a young artist that has been slowly building his career with recognizable geometric-based works. After showing his art in a couple of different group shows in the UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, etc, Carl got an opportunity to show more of his talent and creativity through his debut solo […]

Studio Visits: Mario Wagner – ‘Controlled Spaces’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

Berkeley based artist Mario Wagner builds his worlds to incorporate a level of cinematic intrigue through the retro futurist sci-fi imagery that speaks to the era from which he draws reference – a time when futuristic fascination was widespread, space travel was imminent, and the possibilities of technology were limitless. The German born artist uses analog methods of collage incorporating vintage print media alongside painted elements. In our digital age, his old school methodologies echo the retro-futurist content of his work. His work is currently being exhibited […]

Studio Visits: Ryan Stewart Nault

Ryan Stewart Nault is on the verge of having his first solo exhibition at Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery. I’m a Stranger Here Myself will see the young Chicago-based painter unveiling a fresh body of work on the back of multiple group exhibitions throughout the United States and the also the UK. Nault has recently completed his BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He describes his work as harboring the effects of domestic comfort, which is evident throughout his past work, and transfers into this new body of […]