Berkeley based artist Mario Wagner builds his worlds to incorporate a level of cinematic intrigue through the retro futurist sci-fi imagery that speaks to the era from which he draws reference – a time when futuristic fascination was widespread, space travel was imminent, and the possibilities of technology were limitless. The German born artist uses analog methods of collage incorporating vintage print media alongside painted elements. In our digital age, his old school methodologies echo the retro-futurist content of his work.

His work is currently being exhibited in London’s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the science fiction-themed exhibition Memory Palace based upon author Hari Kunzru’s futuristic vision of a dystopian London, and next on his agenda is a solo exhibition entitled Controlled Spaces in Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery in their main space, alongside UK-based Carl Cashman in Gallery 2.

SF based photographer Hoa Huynh recently stopped by his studio to record some of the work in progress. Check out the pictures from the studio below. The exhibition opens on August 1st and runs until August 30th.

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