Earlier this year, AM got to visit Chris Valkov in his studio as he prepared for his upcoming solo exhibition entitled Schematical Sabbatical.

The Portland based artist uses a highly stylised aesthetic in his work, using a variety of mediums all derived from his background as an architectural draughtsman.  On initial inspection, his fluid line-work looks so tight that it could be mistaken for digitally created screen prints. Valkov is strictly old school though in his methodologies and his precise work is painted with One Shot enamel on wooden panels, combined with dimensional elements applied to the panel surface.

His subject matter is varied. His has an obvious fascination with architectural, engineering and mechanical devices and he intertwines these themes with political, topical social commentaries along with a healthy dose of light hearted humour.

His series of mock-architectural blueprints entitled The American House 1-4 are a wonderful combination of all of the above elements, and serve as a great homage to his traditional craft.

Schematical Sabbatical is curated by Paige Prendergast and opens at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland on September 5th alongside group exhibition Buddy System Invitational (previewed).

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