While we may not have gotten to see much of Kobe Bryant this season, we still have the chance to see what is probably the greatest display of artwork showcasing moments in the Laker great’s career. A while back, we covered the beginning of the eight part series and then followed up with a notice¬†for the last discussion of the series. Now that all eight paintings have been unveiled, we went down to Nike Vault to see the display in its entirety.

We have heard many questions regarding who all the participating artists are so here they all are listed out…

Prelude 1: Allison “Hueman” Torneros
Prelude 2: Kris Kuksi
Prelude 3: Owen Schmit
Prelude 4: Victor Reyes
Prelude 5: Tristan Eaton
Prelude 6: Mark Dean Veca
Prelude 7: Tim Biskup
Prelude 8: Alberto Mielgo