From 5 – 13 April 2014, Perth in Australia hosted Public, “a celebration of urban art and creativity” whose goal is to “bring to Perth and the Pilbara urban, visual, and digital artists from around the world.” During this event, around 45 artists from Australia and around the world, created around 30 large-scale urban artworks, transforming walls and laneways with street art, projections, installations, and public events. The list of names involved in this massive project is impressive – Remed, Kyle-Hughes Odgers, Maya Hayuk, 2501, Pixel Pancho, Gaia, ROA, Remed, Hyuro (seen above), eL Seed, Jaz, Amok Island, Alexis Diaz, Ever, and Jetsonorama.

Supported by local council initiatives and non profit arts spaces like Form, the participants created public works in central parts of the city. Along with painting murals, this project includes working with the local Port Hedland community in the north of Western Australia, a program in response to the articulated needs of the local social housing sector, a symposium that explores creativity and the public good, and a pop-up exhibition of works by participating artists.

Photo credit by Jeremy Storey & Public