Spanish artist Liqen, was recently in San Basillio in Rome, Italy, contributing to the ongoing Sanba festival by creating two impressive murals in town. Known for his detailed illustrative technique, and meaningful images, the first wall he painted has a very strong social message.

Based on one of his recent ink drawings, recently shared online, the first piece features a huge rake plowing the ground, cleansing it of everything man-made and allowing nature to take over. Being in Italy, the home of the Roman empire, street muralist added elements from their rich history, from landmark buildings to statues, all the way to modern day machines, surveillance cameras, radars, etc. This large mural is a great example of the Spanish artist’s dedication and persistence. With his peculiar imagery and almost compulsive need to fill in every inch of the surface with details, this mural took days to finish. With a the strong message it is sending out, it has become a landmark itself, reminding the passersby of the ongoing conflict between modern life and nature.

Photo credit: Valerio Muscella.
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