Only few months after creating his first ever outdoors mural for their event in Honolulu (covered), James Jean (interviewed) was invited to join the POW! WOW! family at their first edition of POW! WOW! Taiwan. Designated an old rugged wall at the Taipei Zoo, the Taiwanese American visual artist fought the elements and created this impressive mural titled Paradise. Using house paint, lacquer, spray paint, and oil, he painted this fantastic 43′ x 17′ piece showing “Taiwanese macaques tumble in a paradise/prison of man’s making.” Giving a sharp comment on the ethics of having wild animals in capture, Jean once again showed how well he can transfer his unmistakable style and technique to large formats. Using only black & white color and unconventional mediums he managed to get ahold of, his piece blends perfectly with the dark surface, keeping his illustrative style recognizable.

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Photo credit: @bshigeta, @edendeelac, @booooooom, @hypebeast