If you have an insect phobia, you probably did not click through to read this article. For those who made it here, the swarms of ant sculptures you see are from Rafael Gómezbarros and his Casa Tomada project, traveling installations that have shown all over the world since 2007. The urban interventions are meant to represent displacement of peasants in his native Columbia due to war and violence, themes that resonate in one form or another in any country his work is displayed in. Crafted from tree branches, fiberglass, and fabric, the 2 foot ants are particularly striking when seen clustered aggressively on facades of buildings.

His work can currently be seen at Saatchi Gallery in London as part of their Pangea: New Art from Africa and Latin America, housed in one room (seen in the first several photos) through November 2nd.

Tipped off by Beautiful Decay. Photos by the artist and via Saatchi Gallery.
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