Only a couple days before the opening of his first museum show, Dissection, Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils finished this large outdoor piece in front of the Museu da Electricdade where the show will be held. As the last in a series of large works he created through the city, the final 360 degrees piece Panorama on the round water tank is one of his most elaborate ones yet. By transferring his scratched paper collage technique onto this large building, Vhils surely lifted up the quality of his work to another level. This complex image contains patterns, letters, and several portraits, all signature elements of his work, taken from different places around the world he was working in.

The show will be on view from the 5th of July through the 5th of October, and will feature never before seen installations and works by the artist. By dissecting elements and symbols of urban life & modern society, Vhils is stepping away from the comfort zone of works we’re used to, and pushing his work into a more conceptual zone.

Photo credit: Silvia Lopes.
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