What happens when you blend the New York Sight Seeing Tours, Crazy Gideon, Beverly Hills Star Maps and Exit Through the Gift Shop? You get Jen & Paul’s Bus Tours – this season’s hilarious & unique spoof on the New York art scene. Using a double decker bus, Brooklyn artist duo Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw present their view on how to bring the circus that is the Chelsea art scene to the people. The project entitled  “Jen & Paul’s One Stop Shopping Souvenir City And Chelsea Bus Tours” invites Chelsea art goers to jump onto a double decker tour bus and tour the fancy art district as tourists.

The bus also holds an authentic gift shop inside where you can get “affordable” versions of the art world’s hottest artists. From Damien Hirst Shark (cubes) to Richard Prince (re) reprints or DIY Banksy Stencils to repackaged Oscar Murillo Candy – the list goes on and on. No one is sacred or off limits, even counterfeit Jeff Koons Balloon Dog hand bags and Terry Richardson condoms! They even completed our dream of running an art Monopoly (game) with Larry Gagosian. Of course, completing the authentic experience is the fact that each item sold in the shop come strictly limited and are “signed & numbered”.

If you’re in Chelsea on Thursday nights for openings or Saturdays for your weekend art walk be sure to keep your eyes peeled outside for the tour bus and mobile gift shop. For an exact schedule, go to their Event Brite page for updated performance schedule.