Another year, and it’s time again for another Blab Show at Copro Gallery┬áin Los Angeles, the ninth in a series of exhibitions. It’s again curated by Monte Beauchamp, who is known for his anthology of art, illustration, articles, profiles, found graphics, cartoons and sequential art – Blab World. This year, participants include Joe Coleman, Mark Ryden, Lola Gil, Cathie Black, Joe Sorren (seen above), Peter Ferguson, Seamus Conley, Tara McPherson, Jana Brike, Erik Mark Sandberg, Chet Zar, Travis Lampe, Bill Mayer, Owen Smith, Marc Burckhardt, Souther Salazar, Matt Roto, Craig Larotunda, Ellen Greene, Chema Skandal, Mark Garro, Tin, and more. Take a look at some preview images below and head over for the opening on September 13th.

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