We’ve been enthusiastically watching the work of Casey Gray over a number of years, since we first came across his work back in 2009 during Basel Week in Miami. To say his work has progressed since his early stencil compositions is an understatement. Using aerosol paint as his one and only medium, Gray has shifted from the multicoloured stencil explosions we first saw from him through to a level of maturity we’ve not seen elsewhere from a stencil artist.

Recent beach portraits and landscapes along with his ‘curiosity cabinet’ themed work have seen a wonderful level of detail and texture conveyed in a medium that is usually associated with blocks of colour and simplistic imagery. However, Gray adds a level of detail to his paintings usually associated with fine brushwork and blending solely with an aerosol can. He’s stayed true to his roots, but has made leaps and bounds aesthetically, especially with his latest work that blends abstraction of still life objects with dizzying op-art visuals.

AM caught up with Casey at his Dogpatch studio in San Francisco recently where we had the privilege of a tour of his cavernous space. He was at the time working towards a new solo exhibition at Circuit 12 Contemporary in Dallas, which opens this weekend on Saturday September 6th.

Take a look around his studio with us, and better yet if you find yourself in Texas between now and October 5th check out the Of Land & Sea for yourself.