Handiedan’s (interviewedVesica Piscis and Canna Intrat from Sail (featured) opened on October 2nd as Roq La Rue welcomed back both artists to the Seattle gallery.

Handiedan was able to make the trip from Amsterdam to talk with fans and guests wanting to know more about the intricate nature of her collage pieces. Iconic tattoo infused pin-up girls are featured while she explores astrology and planetary movement in the surrounding space.  The sold out Vesica Piscis features the enormous piece Pentade, complete with several pin-ups and phases of the Earth or moon as it travels through the solar system. the smaller Tetrade No.2 won’t be outdone though and is housed in a table-top frame that is as ornately detailed as the hand cut and layered piece within.

Sail’s Canna Intrat is his second solo show at Roq la Rue and is most ambitious collection of new works to date. Using mostly ink on paper, Sail sets the stage for a battle between light and shadows while female figures are caught on the front lines. Complex rendering magnifies the effect as the life-like subjects succumb to their surroundings. Flora cascades across a blacked out face in Your Hair Smells Like You’ve Been On Fire, and in Lay Down Your Weapons, Our Hands Are Dirty Enough, the darkness seems to devour the subject in haunting detail.

Both shows can be seen through November 1st.

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