There’s a fresh player in the gallery ranks of New York City and it’s Jacob Lewis Gallery. AM visited the newly minted space in Chelsea as they prepared for their inaugural exhibition featuring the dreamy touches of Inka Essenhigh. Entitled Comet Dust & Crystal Shards, these new paintings have been in the works for over a year as the locally-based artist utilized the changing seasons around her as part inspiration for her surreal imagery. Melding external influences with her unique creative process, Essenhigh effortlessly blends imagination & mystery with the tangible & earthly landscapes that surround us all to produce breathtaking subjects and compositions. It is a truly moving body of work, fitting for the launch of what looks to be a strong & diverse art program from JL. Check out a early look below as well as a video as she got ready for her opening reception, scheduled for this Thursday, October 16th, from 6-8pm.

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