Thomas Canto’s works “transpose his personal vision of his environment on canvas.” Stripping it of any human presence, his lines and dynamic imagery represent unreal architectures of futuristic cities. Giving a lot of attention to the finest detail, and being fond of precision work and pure aesthetics, his work greatly depends on his peculiar technique. With his current solo show at Atelier des Bains in Geneva, the artist is pushing this idea forward, exploring the possibilities of adding another dimension to his work.

For the Transparent Landscapes, the French artist decided to step out of canvas limitations and create works that are between painting and sculpture. This multidimensional approach allows him to show urban architecture and perspective with more technical details, but also gives more depth for the observer. Mixing different materials such as plexiglas and cables, along with painting, the appearance of the new works vary according to the point of view. Juxtaposing black and white, he creates a lot of contrast between sections of the works that change and form different spaces when overlapping with each other. Along with his signature monochromatic pieces, Canto created a series of color work in which he further explores the kinetics and effects of 3D op art.

The show opened on the 18th of September, and will stay on view until the 15th of November.

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