For the last several days now, Faile (featured) has been in Covington working on a large scale mural on the rear walls of the Republic Bank and Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Bridal on the corners of 6th Street and Madison Avenue. Invited in by BLDG, the Brooklyn duo have been adding their signature imagery along with hints of Kentucky culture on the 100 x 60 foot urban canvas with their torn collage style aesthetic, but in painted form.

They state – “The mural was inspired by our rip style of painting. Given the opportunity to paint two buildings adjacent to each other we wanted the murals to have a conversation and to connect to one another. We’re honored to have a chance to bring our work to a few large walls in the city and hopefully have a long-term presence to inspire and excite those who have the pleasure of calling Covington home.”

Head over for a look yourself if you are in the area or check back next week for photos of the completed mural.

Photo credit: Chris Breeden.
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