Artist couple Barry McGee and Clare Rojas are currently having a joint show at Alessandra Bonomo gallery in Rome. The exhibition consists of a variety of new works created and installed exclusively for the gallery’s space, including paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptural objects.

Rojas continues to transform her figurative imagery, often inspired by Eastern European, Amish or Native American tradition, into a series of sharp geometrical forms. For his part, McGee presents his usual scope of styles, ranging from minimalist interventions on found objects to sculptures and paper-maché pieces to multipanel clusters. On one side, McGee’s work on paper are displayed in a studio-like installation, just taped on the wall or leaning against it, which are juxtaposed with a perfect line of Rojas’ works on paper. With the work being strongly inspired by everything from graffiti art, folk art and Op Art, it’s fascinating to see how the individual pieces of these two artists come together to complement each other and form a visual harmony inside the gallery space.

The show opened on 8th of October and will be on view until the end of the year.

Photo credit: Andrea Concina

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