After a successful LA debut show last month (covered), Thierry Noir was back in London working on an important commission for the German Embassy for the 25th anniversary of the “Fall of the Wall” in collaboration with Howard Griffin Gallery.

The French artist painted his signature portraits on the wall in front of the embassy as well as indoors – the same iconic imagery he was painting between 1984 and 1989 over the existing notorious Berlin wall. Back then, his work was act of rebellion, trying to ridicule the wall that divided the world, and today it celebrates the end of the same wall. In this way, the significance of this project is both visual – the way these faces are juxtaposed with the traditional architecture of Belgrave Square, and historic – celebrating this important anniversary by using the very same tools of rebellion from 30 years ago. The location of this mural in front of the former GDR Embassy brings both the spirit of both divided Berlin and united Germany to London and is validation of Noir’s past acts.

Photo credit: Marcus Peel.
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