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Showing: Quam Odunsi – “Distinction Without a Difference” @ Design Matters Gallery

Open right now until Dec 19 in Los Angeles is Quam Odunsi’s third solo show with Design Matters Gallery. Exploring the logical fallacy of distinction without a difference, the artist utilizes original content taken on film cameras (35mm, 120mm, Polaroid) which is silkscreened onto canvas and paper; sculpture, which includes collaged Polaroid prints; and a eye-popping original short film shot on Super8, which is shown in the back room space of the gallery.

A limited edition (of 18) print of the tricycle image has also been created for the show and on sale now. Buy it during your visit to Design Matters Gallery (11527 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles). The gallery is open M-F, 11AM – 5PM.

Images of exhibition and portraits of the artist by Taiyo Watanabe.