In December, Cai Guo-Qiang opened his latest exhibition at Fundación Proa in Buenos Aires, his first solo showing in Argentina. Impromptu is a new series of works inspired by his time in the country, which has been at the same time baffling, illuminating, and liberating for his artistic vision. Included are pieces created in collaboration with the National University of Arts and teachers and students of the Municipal Institute of Ceramics of Avellaneda featuring his signature gunpowder drawings, a ceramic creeper that hangs through the library, nine ceramic figurines of couples swaying in the air, and more.

Also in association with the show, the Chinese artist has planned one his famous fireworks event entitled Life is a Milonga: Tango Fireworks for Argentina that will take place over the river in front of Fundación Proa on January 24. As you can see from the video below, Cai has taken inspiration from the dance of Argentina and coordinated the explosive event with the movements of the dancers.

He states – “Fundación PROA’s courage lies in that they are willing to go on an adventure with me, bearing the consequences of my impromptu works, which may or may not live up to the title of the exhibition. I am like a seed sown on this land, now growing and bearing fruit after absorbing the sunshine, water and love from the people here.”

Photos via Fundación Proa & the artist / Wen-You Cai.
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