Along with Nick Farhi’s solo (covered), Neochrome Gallery is currently showing another show, Surface of Venus by Jamie Sneider, her first in Europe. With a MFA in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts in NY, BFA from New York University, and two well received solo exhibitions stateside, this over-the-pond show is a new landmark for the Boston-born artist.

Similar to her exhibition at Thierry Goldberg Gallery back in May 2014, this show is focused on her process based, abstract paintings. The title for the new work is based on her sister’s comment about these works “looking like the surface of Venus.” Created through an intricate, almost ritual-like process that includes bleaching, ripping, beating, coloring or laundering sheets of raw canvas, Farhi used all kinds of unconventional mediums to achieve these intense and vibrant paintings. Everything from boiled cabbage and beets, liquid food dyes, squid ink, even urine, is applied by hands, knees, feet and beaten in with sticks, resulting in paintings whose final look is completely uncertain due to her exceptional process. Along with these large canvases, rich in color and depth, the show includes a smaller install and one sculptural piece, a statue of Venus with red painted toenails.

Photo credit: Margherita Artoni.