Four years since his solo with the same gallery (covered), KAWS is back in Madrid with a new show entitled Play Your Part at Galeria Javier Lopez. With seven large works (4 large tondos and 3 custom shaped canvas pieces), the NYC-based artist introduced his newest paintings to the old continent collectors and art fans. The fresh pieces combine elements from the different phases in his artistic development, such as abstract segments and his version of cartoon characters, which is the type of work he’s been showing at his recent US shows and events at the end of last year (New York, KC, PAFA). Consisting of round tondos and custom shaped canvases, these paintings feel like an explosion of familiar KAWS imagery, struggling to fit the limited surface.

Along with this show, KAWS will open a big exhibition at CAC Malaga in March 2014, his first museum solo show outside US.

Photo credit: Guillotine.
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