Probably most original and unique artist of this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaii (more coverage here) was the Minneapolis-based HotTea. Known for his yarn installations on fences, he found a very original and harmless way of expressing himself on the streets. He created this technique after getting in trouble for doing graffiti but still wanting to be able to continue bombing, but not get in trouble. Thinking of his grandma’s knitting skills, he found a way to incorporate this unusual medium in creating public works.

His unique style and technique allowed him to make several of these pieces around the island, from North Shore to Waikiki. Using designs and lettering he created exclusively for this event, these interesting works are scattered around at undisclosed locations. However, his main installation was revealed after several days of extensive studio work. Built of three large round structures, this piece was his version of famousHawaiian beach sunset. Using all the shades from the sunset color spectrum, HotTea attached countless threads of yarn inside these structures, getting an impressive effect when these are lined up together.

Photo credit: The artist & @arrestedmotion_sal.