One of the pieces we enjoyed for this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaii festival by many participants and visitors, was the one created by Reka. The Melbourne-born and Berlin-based artist tackled the architectural challenges with great ease and speed, proving his long experience and enviable skills working with the spray paint medium, and was among the first ones to finish his work. Using more tropical colors in order to match the surrounding, and island friendly imagery such as flowers, tree roots, tribal faces, with lots of signature clean lines, he created a very unique three-dimensional mural. Covering almost every surface of the building with spray paint, he quickly turned the structures into one of the landmarks of the area giving great joy to the the building owners. Like most of the other participants, Reka also released a limited edition print through 1xRun’s POW! WOW! 2104 Featured Artists Series, introducing the more dark and rugged style that is seen in his fine art.

Photos credit: saL.
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