Augustine Kofie (featured) was one of the first artists to finish his mural for POW! WOW! Hawaii this year. With his artistic background having a strong connection with graffiti and painting walls, the American artist showed a lot of skills and work discipline finishing up one of the largest walls at the festival in a such short time. The result was one of his signature abstract works that includes a lot of geometrical elements, straight and perfect circular lines, as well as plays with shading, color transparency, and morphing between elements & objects. Using a wide palette of mostly warm, pastel colors, this abstract mural fits perfectly in its tropical surrounding.

Towards the end of painting this huge wall, the mural took an unplanned turn with Defer adding his caligraphaphic elements, infusing more expressive elements to the wall in contrast to Kofie’s signature imagery. In addition to this mural (and couple of other that Defer created for the event), both artists released a limited edition prints through 1xRun’s  POW! WOW! 2104 Featured Artists Series.

Photos credit: saL.
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