Australian graffiti couple, Dabs Myla, teamed up with their New Zealand friend, Misery, for a big mural collaboration at POW! WOW! Hawaii this year. With all the artists usually painting cheerful characters and cartoonish designs, this joint effort resulted in an explosion of cuteness in Kaka’ako, an industrial neighbourhood of Honolulu.

With Dabs Myla’s spray painted clean, super flat and almost vectored looking elements, and Misery’s more brush painted vintage, rough, and slightly “used up” looking creations, the combination of their styles is an awesome match up put together in a pattern like composition. Being in a tropical paradise definitely inspired the artists with the imagery they painted, so the wall featured many familiar island symbols – hula girls, tropical fruit, cocktails, ukuleles, sea life, etc. Along with this mural, LA-based art couple also took part in both group shows organized by the event, as well as released their new limited edition print with 1xRun’s  POW! WOW! 2104 Featured Artists Series.

Photos credit: saL.
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