This Thursday night, February 5th, Seattle’s Roq La Rue will be presenting new works from Chris Berens, his first solo stateside in the last four years. Entitled Nethermoor, the new paintings from the Dutch painter once again will mystify viewers with his nonconventional techniques that lead to distorted, hazy, and glazed imagery.

Berens explains the new work – “There is a place where stories come from and where stories go once they’re told. All creatures and their fortune and fate, their destiny and history reside in it, they live and re-live their lifecycle as long as they are imagined, told, retold, remembered and believed in. In this place, deserts may be adjoined by snow covered plains, compass points can never be established or trusted, traveling from one end of the world to the other may take mere moments, and places right around the corner might be far beyond reach. Day and night do not necessarily happen in succession, forests can seem endless to a traveler or an effortless pass through to the next landscape, and landmarks signify a phenomenon, an episode, a circumstance or incident rather than a geographical place. Therefore, mapping this place is a peculiar, subtle and delicate matter and must be handled with the greatest of wonder, provision and discretion. Welcome to Nethermoor.”

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