StolenSpace is currently presenting a duo show with British artist Ben Turnbull and Spanish illustrative artist Ramon Maiden through May 15th.

A self taught artist with a U.S. obsession, Turnbull learned his skill working with craftsmen and artisans. Back in 2006, the various firearms he produced encased in facsimiles of red fire alarm boxes bearing ‘In Emergency Break Glass’ were featured at the Banksy Santa’s Ghetto. Continuing his series American History X, the exhibition Smells Like Teens Spirit focuses on the lone teen shooter phenomenon that has occurred in the US for the past decade. Guns & weapons are beautifully and intricately hand carved into vintage wooden school desks. ‘Emergency Break Glass’ boxes containing firearms and grenades highlight the paradox of the U.S. gun culture.

Turbofaith, Ladies of the Night and Dandy Delinquents by Maiden features a series of work on paper and mixed media collages. The Barcelona-based artist revisits vintage imagery, pin-ups and religious characters by tattooing them on paper and gives them relevance in todays ever-changing society.

Photo credit: Butterfly.