Legendary skateboarder, photographer and artist, Ed Templeton, will be opening his new solo show Synthetic Suburbia on April 25th at Roberts & Tilton. While primarely known as a photographer, this show in Los Angeles will be showing exclusively new paintings and drawings depicting the every day life in his hometown of Huntington Beach.

Being inspired by his environment and the peculiarity of it, photographing and documenting both the ordinary and the strange, Templeton grew an obsession with the area over the years. His fixation on this location started when he was a young boy visiting his grandparents and has continued to this day. Devoted to documenting all the characteristic elements, from architecture infested with walls and fences, to its distinctive characters during his daily drives and walks, the locally-based artist has created a compelling visual analysis with this body of work. Directly influenced by the images he’s seen or photographs he’s taken, the stylized figurative paintings and drawings show “suburbia as paradise, with visions of perfectly manicured lawns, pretty girls-next-door, idyllic beach views, and the walls quietly demarcating people off from one another.” These works juxtapose the outside beauty of the area and people, against the invisible, human issues and emotions, shown through his distinctive drawing style, exaggerated body features and accented dark circles.

Images courtesy of the artist and Roberts & Tilton.
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