On May 13th, 287 Gallery in NYC will be hosting The Road By Walking, an exclusive gallery show of Swoon’s (interviewed) prints, drawings and scale models based on her community projects that use art to create lasting social change. Organized in collaboration with Heliotrope Foundation & The Dean Collection, this event will be an unique opportunity to witness the “behind the scenes” of Swoon’s biggest projects such as Konbit Shelter in Haiti, Music Box in New Orleansor Braddock Tiles in Braddock, PA.

Heliotrope Foundation was named after a natural tendency, especially of plants, to turn or grow towards the sun. This positive way of seeing the world is the essential power that’s been driving NY-based artist and her team to get involved in some of the most innovative and effective projects helping people affected by natural disasters and other urgent social crises. The idea of this show is to give an inside look on evolution of these projects, and show never-before presented architectural models, intimate figure-studies and larger-than-life portrait prints. From sketches of people she met at these places, to recurring imagery that made it to walls, galleries and museums world-wide, this is the first time she is exhibiting these kind of works in public.

The ticket for the VIP opening reception on the 13th of May (which can be purchased here), includes a complimentary limited-edition print only available at this event. All proceeds benefit The Heliotrope Foundation, with a selection of works being available for auction on Paddle8.com starting on May 1.

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