This Saturday night, May 23rd, Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured) will be opening another solo show at KP Projects // MKG in Los Angeles. Entitled Where Am I, the name of the show is a nod to his graffiti roots as part of the WAI crew as well as a reaction to experiencing the fantastical worlds that the Los Angeles based artist is so adept at creating.

He further states – “There is a point during our lifetime when we lose our childhood excitement and curiosities, and become infected with the problems of adulthood. It’s like a part of our brain begins to hibernate or even petrify year by year with every new responsibility. Growing up is a good thing, there are lessons to be learned and passed on to the next generation, but I believe we need to have these windows to glimpse back into and remind us of the feelings we had as a kid. What is the world like just beyond the closet door, what is scratching at my bedroom window — what if there really are other worlds to explore and have adventures in — who are the strangers we’d meet there? The very first words you would utter once finding yourself a stranger in that strange place, stuck outside, would be – Where Am I?”

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