Following the theme of this year’s Expo15 in Milan, which is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” Wunderkammern Gallery organized a collateral art project titled Chained. The idea behind this group exhibition is to investigate the dynamics between humans and nature through the works of art contributed by artists in this show.

Entering the final week, the hangar of the Municipality of Milan on Via Amari is currently hosting works by 2501, Atomo, Borondo, BR1, C215, Max Rippo, Sam3, Sten Lex and Edoardo Tresoldi. The lineup for this show is a result of an interesting concept – Wunderkammern has invited a group of artists who, in turn, have invited other artists to participate in the creative process. So the idea of a chain reaction has been applied to every level of this project. The pieces exhibited are created using various techniques and materials, but all have this raw, instinctive feel to them -f rom ghostly the wire sculptures by Tresoldi, to the haunting Borondo’s works on glass or metal, to the abstract brush strokes by 2501. Along with the main show, works by Spanish artists Borondo and Sam3 will be on display at the Instituto Cervantes in the historical center.

Photo credit: Andrea Concina.