On July 11th, New Image Art hosted the opening of a large SWIM 1 group show. Put together by young curators Yarrow Slaps & Auguste Somers from SF & LA, this show features a wide array of over 40 artists with vastly different backgrounds – from up-and-coming artists and creative individuals with a strong urge to capture their reality, interests, or life, to legendary Mission school representatives like Barry Mcgee, Alicia Mccarthy, Chris Johanson.

While on the surface, the event was a group exhibition at an art gallery, this was actually a “gathering of creative talents, a network of furthering ideas, and a synergy of expression.” This is visible through the wide range of different works exhibited. From photographs, drawings, paintings or sculptures, the one thing that these works have in common was the need of their creators to express the selves. Along with that, most of the exhibited works followed the DIY philosophy, which can be noticed from the materials used to the way the show is presented. While capturing their personal experiences as well as social anomalies and exceptions, these creative minds created a collection of unique signs of our time for this project.