Coming up on September 12th, Mark Whalen will continue his longstanding collaboration with KP Projects // MKG (see 2012, 2014) on a new show entitled Trapazoid. The new series of works continues his signature exploration of geometrical and mathematical concepts, mixed in with a heavy dose provocative human behavior.

He further states – “My work is an interpretation of the modern era. I like to really explore all aspects of human activity and behavior through the paintings. Whether it be ideas of invention, science, sexual desire, or oppression. They all take place simultaneously creating sly oppositions that reflect life’s puzzling duality.

The new body of work will be based on the continuing theme of my practice, where satirical social narratives take place in each piece. Lately they have been heavily focused around the idea of mathematics and problem solving. Most of the pieces are thought out in a way that is almost mathematical, so I’ve been focusing on chaotic compositions that careen out of control but in an extremely controlled manner.”

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