This past weekend, the Merry Karnowsky gallery unveiled new work by artist Mark Whalen (also known as Kill Pixie). Titled “Portals”, this new exhibition by the Australian artist shows a progress in style from the last time he showed at this same gallery.  Last week, we showed you a glimpse into his artistic process via a teaser video (covered), and here with the culmination of his hard work, we see him once again incorporating a collection of extremely detailed and geometric artwork, black on black paintings covered in resin, and a variety of circle shaped canvases. For this show, Whalen draws on themes of power structures in other worldly environments which also ties in to another important piece of the exhibition and a first for the artist – a sculpture that features the same characters from his artwork and a basketball that is a nod to the circular shapes utilized in his other artwork. This exhibition is definitely one not to miss so if you’re in the Los Angeles area before November 10th, don’t forget to drop by the gallery.

Photo credit: theonepointeight.
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