AM just got a peek at the new paintings that Mark Whalen (you may also know him as his alter-ego Kill Pixie) is presenting on Saturday October 9th at Merry Karnowksy Gallery in Los Angeles, and we had to share some of the geometric landscape goodness with you!

Mark’s latest body of work is entitled “Paralleled Opposites”, perhaps as a recognition of how his artistic journey and career to date has developed from his graffiti beginnings into the contemporary fine artist we see today. Whalen’s resin coated creations bring together a cast of hooded / masked characters engaged in seemingly ritualistic acts in varying states of undress, within ambiguous – and usually tiled, interior settings. Take the very best elements (and by that we mean depravity, deviance, domination and all those other good things beginning with the letter D) of Marcel Dzama and Richard Colman, infuse them in a world of luminous colours, hot tubs and futuristic spa treatments – and you are getting somewhere close to where this exciting artist is coming from.

The exhibition opening is hosted by actor Tim Roth, and also features a 10 foot square tiled sensory enclosure installation containing paintings and hand sewn and painted paper plants. Deedee Cheriel’s “Abracadabra” will also be showing in the second gallery.

Take a look at some more images after the jump.

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