On November 7th, Library Street Collective will be presenting a show from Tristan Eaton at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. The prolific American artist has been busy as of late painting murals on the streets but has set aside time to prepare for Legacy, his first solo in the United States in nearly a decade. The concept behind the show is quite personal, consisting of mixed-media paintings and fabricated metal print works inspired by audio interviews conducted by Eaton of nearly a dozen people who played a pivotal role in his life.

He further states – “A common challenge we all share is adequately describing a loved one to people that never knew them. It’s so important to pass on the legacy of those you love to your children and grandchildren, but also to the whole world. The sharing of human stories is an ancient tradition that bonds us closer together as people. As a result, we understand each other more deeply and become stronger better people when the context of our legacy is clear. The people that came before me made me who I am, and I intend to pass along their stories and strengths by creating this ‘time-capsule’ of an exhibition that honors their legacy and preserves their stories forever.”

Along with the new body of work which includes his first-ever self-portrait, he will also be releasing his first art book as well as a limited edition “Art Can” from Montana Spray Paint. Also, the entire exhibition will be encapsulated on a USB file including audio interviews as well a digital copy of the book and made available to attendees of the show only.

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