Belarus capital, Minsk, recently hosted the Vulica Brasil festival of Brasilian-Belarus street art. Along with Os Gemeos (covered), another artist from their infamous Vlok crew was invited to participate in the event – Thiago Toes.

Straight from his month long art residency in Germany, the São Paulo-based artist visited Minsk and created one of his biggest murals to date. The piece titled To Risk is the End and the Beginning of Everything was painted on a main building of National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and it’s a classic example of Toes’ work. From the diptych-like composition to the mix of abstract and figurative elements, this large mural is artist’s tribute to the infinity of the universe. With starry night as a background, the the wall features a single human character against the infinite space dotted with stars and meteorite-like elements. Using familiar pink, purple and dark blue tones, applied with rollers and spray cans, the mural surely comes to it’s full beauty when lit up at night.

Photo credit: Yulia Savich.