The refugee crisis in Europe is getting bigger by the day and the unsettling images of people walking across the continent in hopes of a new life are putting our humanity to the test. While some artists are producing engaging work commenting on the poor handling of the situation by institutions and certain governments, there are different kind of charities and fundraising projects trying to help the situation.

One of the most recent one is, an online art auction website where street and urban art lovers can bid on pieces of art donated by some concerned artists, as well as other collectors. They are starting with their first auctions on today, hoping to raise funds to help volunteer efforts on the so called “Balkan route.” This route is an especially sensitive one as it’s on the border of the EU, and thousands of people are getting stuck in beyond poor conditions before crossing the Schengen border. So for this cause, is offering works by Ernest Zacharevic, Icy & Sot, Escif (seen above), Huskmitnavn, Pez, Ella & Pitr, to name a few, with more works by Lucas Price, Candice Tripp, Curiot, Rustam Qbic, and many more being added later on. All the proceeds from sales will be donated to Are You Syrious humanitarian initiative.