After an interval of seven years, Barry McGee is back at Ratio 3 in San Francisco and this time he brought along 50 of his friends to join him. This particular show had a few surprises and whole lot of what we love about the Bay Area legend such as painted signs, geometric paintings, customized surfboards, painted bottles, sketches, and photography.

The main gallery hosted the man known as Twist’s work with the vacant store next door converted to the L. Quan – Check Cashing & Healing Arts Centre for all of his invited artists. For us, it felt like a reunion with old friends and graffiti artists. That’s what I like about McGee – he always brings out the writers from the late 80s to 90s when he was active on the streets.

The opening night was jam packed but we are planning to go back for a closer look.  If you would like to do the same, China Boo closes on December 19. Check it out and be inspired.

Photo credit & words: Iqvinder Singh for Arrested Motion.
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