Half a year since his last show with Todd James at V1 gallery in Copenhagen (covered), Barry McGee will opening a China Boo at Ratio 3 in San Francisco. The last time he showed with the gallery was back in 2008 with a exhibition entitled A Moment for Reflection: New Work by Lydia Fong.

As per usual with the Bay Area-based artist, there is very limited pre-info available about this event, but it seems that he is also curating another group show that will include works by a large group of international friends and artists. By converting the space next door to the gallery into L. Quan – Check Cashing & Healing Arts Centre, it looks that once again Twist is creating an anti-art show which celebrates the obscure and counter culture. The show opens November 6th and runs through December 19th, so make sure you check it out if you’re in the area.

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