Tessar Lo (featured) opened a solo show at the Project Gallery in Toronto earlier this month entitled No More Doubts, No More Fears. Transforming the space into his temporary studio, the locally-based artist has been sharing his work and practice with visitors since the 10th of November.

The idea of such setting was to achieve a free stream-of-thought mode of creating, stripped of the classic studio working environment. By creating the works publicly, the full transparency of the process makes the intention visible both through successful and unsuccessful attempts. This intuitive style, free of technical or style limitations, brings a whole new level of vulnerability as well as genuineness to his art, making the process brutally honest and sincere. Making the act of creating part of the show and exhibition, Lo demonstrates how everything from ambition, through expression and finally painting, is finally captured in form of works on paper or canvas.

The exhibited pieces are inspired with his recent personal life changes – visiting his wife’s homeland and adapting within the new environment as well as the other way around. While colorful, playful, positive and optimistic at first, the new paintings carry subtle notes of struggle,  displacement and loneliness, while celebrating love and new beginnings.

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