With Miami Art Basel 2015 being just around the corner, the eyes of art community are all moving towards sunny Florida, making it a perfect spot for art events. West Palm Beach is currently hosting the Canvas Outdoor Museum Show, a public art show with featuring the works of 20 artists between November 8th and 22nd, including such names as 2Alas, Bik-ismo Case Maclaim, Cheryl Maeder, Greg Mike, Katja Loher, Kobra, Pastel, Sean Yoro aka Hula, Zeus, etc.

Filled with industrial spaces, new high rises, bridges and warehouses, the organizers thought that West Palm Beach would be full of blank canvases for some of the artists that were invited to participate. And from the first photos of the finished works we just received, they were quite right about that. The Miami-based art duo 2Alas created a signature black and white mural showing profiles of boy and a girl intertwining with each other. Their characteristic visual language that includes building images of ripple like lines always results in effective pieces that appear both realistic and almost abstract. Hera and Akut AKA Herakut recently wrapped up their large poetic mural featuring mother and daughter characters and a message saying “I can show you how to see a world where others see a wall.” The German art duo is well known for their engaged works, and this piece sending out a positive message is no exception. On another location only block away, Pastel also finished his signature piece, depicting poisonous plants in contrast with man-made golden arrow heads. This combination symbolizes the materialism, power of money or brutal capitalism that can be seen everywhere around the area, hidden inside a beautiful natural environment.

Photo credit: @halopigg & artists.
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