On November 19th, the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery in New York will be hosting a new show from David Welker entitled Subconscious Narrative. The locally-based artist has certainly made his name in the concert poster scene, but has now set his sights on the gallery world for the freedom to further expand his surrealistic imagery. Judging from the hard work he has put in and the paintings we have seen already, Welker is well on his way to making a memorable first impression.

He further states about the new body of work – “The reason I chose to depict my subconscious with paint is because this form is a tangible reality others can interpret. It is a rosetta stone for our minds. While there may seem to be a story or a narrative taking place in a piece, the audience is invited to make synaptic leaps in his or her own subconscious to interpret the story for his or herself.”

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