On the 1st of December, YoungArts Foundation hosted a book release, signing, and exhibition by Daniel Arsham, one of the events surrounding Basel Week Miami. Fictional Archaeology is the NY-based artist’s latest book with the first copies signed and sold to visitors of his current show in Miami, The Future Was Written.

Including some 2,000 chalk objects, typical Arsham future artifacts, this interactive exhibition invites visitors to use them to leave their own cave drawings or hieroglyphics. From sneakers, electronic gadgets to sport equipment and pilot helmets, the installation represents a future archaeological site giving an overview of our present to future generations. Along with this, the second part of the show includes new objects created from various repurposed materials. This interplay of archaeology and architecture, eroding environments overtaken by nature, and the blurred line between the real and imagined is sealed with the a chilling piece featuring a time frozen American flag. Without showing actual humans like in previous exhibitions, the new pieces like boxer’s shoes, short and gloves, or the basketball jersey have a strong post apocalyptic feel to them.

Photo credit by @sashabogojev.
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