From April 23rd until June 12th, Library Street Collective in Detroit will be showing In Between, a solo exhibition by How & Nosm. The show includes 12 new large paintings on canvas, and for the first time, more than 30 process pencil drawings, as well as new mural that’s being painted right now in central Detroit.

Members of the legendary graffiti crew Tats Cru as well as recognized contemporary artists, twin brothers Raoul (How) and Davide (Nosm) Perre, are examining the struggle for balance with this new body of work. Able to work as a single entity, collaborating and finishing one another’s sentences and line work, the Brooklyn-based artists create intricate pieces that speak of “forces that impact us individually and within a society.” Through use of different techniques, the works present worlds within worlds, stacked and intertwined together. Large in size and complex in composition, the pieces are impossible to fully enjoy without seeing in person. This can be witnessed by looking at any of the process drawings representing a small section of the finished canvases. Simultaneously, these paper pieces show the strength of their line work which encompass characters, symbols, or geometric shapes, while keeping the feel of compactness, balance, and harmony.

Coinciding with the exhibition, the gallery has partnered with Bedrock Detroit and Meridian Health to present a mural by the duo at One Campus Martius. Painted next to the world-renowned work by Shepard Fairey completed in May 2015 (covered), the 184’ by 60’ mural, titled Balancing Act will be the two’s tallest to date.

Photo credit: Sal Rodriguez.
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